If you own an apartment complex, or any type of commercial building, you know small problems can lead to expensive repairs. It is imperative to stay ahead of maintenance issues with your property. Why wait for problems to arise; only to search frantically for help when your building is in need of repair? Because we offer our services exclusively to our clients under janitorial contract you always receive immediate response and top priority.

We will save you time and money. As we are already under contract, we have full building access and are completely familiar with the property, its operating systems, historical repairs/ maintenance and your valued tenants. We also know your budget requirements and are familiar with your management procedures. All work is performed only after your approval of costs and you are protected by our extensive insurance coverage. We are well versed in all applicable building codes and the latest technologies. We stand behind every service we provide and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We can help save you money by reducing operating costs through energy reduction and control costs through careful scheduling of maintenance.


Property inspections
Scheduled maintenance tasks
Emergency response to spills and floods
Building repairs and maintenance covering all trades and skill levels
Safety and systems inspection, testing and reporting
Complete reporting on every project or repair
Asset value enhancement planning and implementation